MultiSlats Rhythm wall collection
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Rhythm wall collection

Rhythm is our Fluted panel design, Rhythm can be Vertical or Horizontal in orientation and can be used together in Full panel or half panel format

Rhythm is a total design freedom panel, Any Scale, Face design, depth of slot, and can be adapted to suit. 
It can be coloured to Any colour finish, including a number of specialist finishes  to order. 

Rhythm is a Wall panel that is adaptable to be used as a Ceiling panel, a Counter front, a Bar front, a Feature Headboard in a bedroom scheme, moveable screen, or as part of a piece of furniture to coordinate with a Wall…. 
Rhythm can be produced from our Black or Grey Fibrous recycled wood waste Core material and be solid coloured or multi coloured to suit. 

We have developed Rhythm to be a ReGen ReUse panel, We can take back the Rhythm panel at the end of its first life, We can Flip the panel and ReCarve a new design, Colour to a new Scheme, and the Panel can then be re installed as a new recycled panel or moved to a new space and reUsed again, and again, both adding value to the original investment and this also contributes to the Circular construction model of reducing waste and going to Landfill. 

Please note our panels are made to order.
We sometimes get overages on panels from projects please enquire.


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£400.00 GBP