Genesis Acoustic Sound panels The Art of Noise …..

Acoustic panel
Genesis Acoustic Sound panels The Art of Noise …..
Acoustical panels can be a great benefit to areas where noise transmission can be an issue to productivity and well being, such as open plan office environments and busy Reception spaces, meeting and conference space, media and AV rooms,  specialist recording studios, gym areas, educational facilities, hotel and hospitality and healthcare environments, Anywhere where loud noise can interrupt the intended purpose of the space.
Our Genesis Acoustic Sound product is developed to bring Acoustic benefit yet add another dimensional design element to a space. 

We recognise the opportunity to provide a totally bespoke manufacturing approach that enables good design principles to be produced with an acoustical panel that is unique to the clients design aesthetic yet delivers a level of acoustical control. 

We listen to the design brief and discuss the project requirement and
work with the design team to look at the options of performance and the desired look within the space.
We produce a number of standard designs that we know will work as an acoustic panel but we allow the client or designer to adapt, rescale, choose colour finishes or totally provide a custom design for the client. 

At Genesis, we believe the client has a choice and our collaborative approach gives unlimited design freedom, our experience in manufacturing Acoustic panel allows us to advise and make a design intent work in practice. 

We aim to meet a NRC of .7 in most cases. We are open to discussing actual project requirements. 

Please note our panels are made to order.
We sometimes get overages on panels from projects please enquire.