About Genesis surfaces

We are creative designers and manufacturers of architectural sustainable wall & ceiling panels with the promise of delivering engaging performance led multi surface panel and with a high level of customer collaboration and engagement. 

Our collaborative team approach allows total design freedom with a willingness to ‘listen first’  and then approach ideas from a different angle to meet a demand. 

Our Genesis Surfaces panel system provides A&D and in house design teams the flexibility of meeting design intent with practicality and the delivery of commercially affordable design that meets the brief. 

We thrive on the challenge of meeting a demand with creativity and innovation and using technical advanced base materials and colour finishes that inspire and perform in use. 

We use a comprehensive number base materials in the manufacture of innovative Wall, Ceiling, and now furniture panel. 

Through the use of our Origin multi surface Paint, Oils, lacquers, and Ligna based finishes we are able to coordinate the colour and tonal finishes across variable base materials to ensure a satisfactory delivery of performance led panel meets a specific design brief. 

Need a Wall /Ceiling finish and a Floor finish to match exactly?  Not a problem, our Origin Decorative finishes service meets that brief. 
Multi site operators love our service, we are able to respond to multi site requirements and our coordination colour service saves a lot of time and added cost. 

Our experience in panel manufacturing has led to our setting up rapid response manufacturing and production scheduling  meaning  lead time is cut to a minimum.. our U.K. Production base ensures we are able to respond quickly..  with Base panel available from stock we produce our standard panel designs in around 7-10 working days. 

Our Custom panel programme is available from manageable minimums and a ‘can do attitude’ we are always open to working with clients who need to act quickly to meet a deadline.


Rob Haynes Director