Project Collaboration by Genesis



At Genesis we engage with Design creatives, Both from globally renowned large Architectural firms and major Interior design companies, and also specialist individual independent design professionals working with end user clients in the U.K. and we work with international design professionals working globally on projects in a number of industry sectors. 

it is common for us to be retained on projects very early in the concept and we enjoy the collaborative nature of engagement in discussions on design intent and conceptual direction. 

We can discuss a project need and provide sample materials in order to inspire an idea or concept and engage through an online, real time, Teams meeting initially to get an understanding of a direction of thought and then develop that concept further with provision of drawings or sample material.
We are transparent and open and will advise the possibilities of a viable practical solution and will provide factual information on what is available in a timely manner. 

We can engage with other such project team members such as Cost Consultants /  QS, and project managers on early cost implications and potential savings in production methods. 

We find this valuable in determining the optimal cost for the product being developed to meet the design intent whilst being commercially cost viable.
This collaborative approach early on is to ensure the product developed is affordable at construction stage. 

We produce our product as a totally Bespoke brand and produce exclusively in the U.K. in our Midlands UK production facility. 

This method allows us to be totally in control of every stage of manufacturing through procurement of base materials to final production Quality control and onward delivery to the final destination whether U.K. based or Internationally. 

Our commitment to our customers has always been to deliver on agreed instruction and ensure nothing is ever left to chance,.. Ever..
That commitment is 100% 









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