One of our first prototypes.

Genesis… In the beginning

Rob Haynes
When we set out our initial plan to design and manufacture our Panel system we decided that good design principles would be a given, our experience in the Wall & Ceiling panel industry guided our thought process to ensure our clients had a choice of a number of factors that would determine a specification to meet a design intent, to provide a panel that met specific technical standards and meet agreed sustainability requirements and standard accreditation needs. 

We also decided that the design of our panels should be engaging and unlimited in format, unlimited in colour choice, and to offer clients unlimited choice in terms of design. 

Genesis offer a custom design service in every conceivable way, our base panel designs can be adapted any any way to deliver a product that meets a requirement that offers good design principles, sound technical attributes, Acoustical benefit, and be safe in use, our intention is also a rapid manufacturing response ability, and very importantly, to be commercially economically viable and affordable. 
At Genesis, We listen to what the client requires and build from there, whilst we have a ‘Standard Base’ Panel system we recognise that A&D and end user clients have conceptual ideas and guiding principles that need to be met and with our attitude of collaboration first we can work with creatives to deliver a custom panel system that engages and inspires within a space. 

Genesis, Where customisation comes as standard..