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Having launched a run the Bamboo operation for an American importer of Bamboo, and having set up the U.K. and European operation including the Manufacturing, Logistics and  Storage, Sales and Marketing and full service Sample services, over a twelve year period, and provided a full service centre in the U.K. for that operation  
We subsequently launched our own Genesis Bamboo InGENuity manufacturing programme designing and carving Bamboo ply panel to clients custom requirement at a commercially affordable cost. 

We set out to offer Bamboo as a panel product and to offer a totally custom manufacturing carving service that enables the A&D community the opportunity to design panel product to meet an individual client need and to make Bamboo a financially viable choice at a commercially competitive affordable cost. 

We have commissioned our own Sculptura Bamboo designs as a conceptual inspirational design ‘start point’ and our designs can be adopted or adapted in scale and form, or totally redesigned to meet a project requirement. 
Sculptura gen5
We do not impose Minimum Order Quantity restraints, We manufacture and carve on a rapid response carving schedule of 10/14 working days and we offer finishing services where required with Environmentally friendly oils and finishes.
We are a collaborative operation and work with Designers, Architects, Fit Out contractors and Furniture manufacturer / suppliers to ensure we offer a complete service. 

Bamboo is a wonderful product for Interior decoration and we aim to push boundaries in the design and manufacturing/ Carving arena to produce engaging innovative panel solutions for the built environment. 

Bamboo Sculptura - G Roundel
Genesis Sculptura - G Wave
Genesis Sculptura -
Genesis Sculptura - G Code

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