Custom wall panels and ceilings



Our Custom designed wall panels are available to order and we place no limits upon the design, colour, texture, carve design, FR treatment, 

The available Panel sizes are
3048 x 1220 x 18mm or 2400 x 1220 x 18mm
Carved Panels can be made in
12mm 16mm 19mm 25mm
( 38mm to special order )
our UnCarved  Panel can be made in
9mm 12mm 16mm 19mm 25mm  

As this is a totally Custom Panel we welcome collaboration from clients who want a unique product, (There is a small set up design charge and covers the production of a CAD file )  This ensures exclusivity of the Panel design. 

We welcome A&D to design Panel and we license those designs for exclusive use. 

We believe Custom design Panel manufacturing should be commercially Affordable and we will work with A&D and Construction professionals to ensure we offer a competitive rate wherever possible to help meet budgetary constraints 

We will not copy or infringe on others designs but we will look at ways to design alternatives that work in collaboration with design creatives.