Bamboo and the versatility of use in construction

Bamboo Gen5

Bamboo is a wondrous plant,  it’s a Grass,  not a Tree,  so not strictly a Timber but has the ability to be treated as a tropical Hardwood with a rapidly Renewable Sustainable, Carbon neutral credibility ……
What’s not to love ? 
Well Bamboo is a tremendously strong material, as both a Culm as grown in a “Clump” in a Bamboo plantation and then when harvested it makes for a very good quality Ply material that can be utilised for many uses in both interior and exterior construction applications.
The way in which the Ply is made gives it it’s incredible strength, the plies  laid at 90 degrees to each other gives the strength and the added benefit of producing a wonderful Edge detail that doesn’t require an edge banding. 
Bamboo carved panel
The extra clever part of the benefit of Bamboo Ply is the ability to Carve the surface, creatively revealing the beauty of that engaging inner core, it gives a multifaceted engaging mix of exotic textures  that come alive when released and the surface faceline can be carved in any direction to make the unlimited patterned surface. 

Add the many ways to carve into differing surface designs and the ability to  add a scaled, multifaceted carve, All within the same single panel gives a unique aesthetic,
Add a finish, and Bamboo takes on yet another dimension and takes finish well including Lacquers, Stains, Environmentally Friendly colour washes or specialist additive FR Treatments, or AntiMicrobial Oil or Specialist Paints. 
 We have taken Bamboo Ply to new imaginative places, We have developed and engineered our Ply to accept the state of the art milling technology in producing Wall, Ceiling, Screening, Partition, Furniture, and more… 
Genesis, Sculptura bespoke design panel is the  choice of many of the worlds top Architectural design firms who value the unlimited design freedom with a uniquely tailored sustainable base material. 

 Carved bamboo panels