Necessity, the mother of invention….

Necessity, the mother of invention….

Angie Haynes

The month of July saw us develop a plan for new panel product that would deliver on design freedom as well as being commercially affordable. 

Our plan for Genesis was always to design a system that provided specifiers to meet Their design intent with freedom and to have a custom design panel to a commercially viable cost without huge constraints on minimum quantities as is normal in custom product situations,  

We set out to manufacture a quality panel product that could be multi use and adaptable to the application, a panel that could be carved to Any design and Coloured to suit.

We decided very early on that our custom panel could be available in a number of formats, A Wall panel, A modular Acoustic panel, a Reception, Bar or Counter Front, or a Furniture board that could be matched to a number of joinery items, Doors, Skirting detail, Edge finishing detail. 

We also wanted to develop a way for our panels to be recycled in a way that that allowed a redesign and recolour after first use, the panels could be reclaimed and refurbished to be used again, and again, and would not be required to be sent to construction waste landfill. 

We developed our Rhythm Fluted panel, our Trilogy Acoustic panel, and our Odyssey panel which will launch in October 2022. 

Busy times, but exciting too,  We continue to develop our product bank to new ways of bringing engaging surfaces to market at commercially affordable rates and who knows what will develop from the plans we have in place……