November and new concepts hit the market !

November and new concepts hit the market !

Angie Haynes


Well, where did the last 6 months go, 3 Prime ministers later and a budget to repair a budget !  Wow… 

I’m kind of glad we started to develop new designs during that period, it’s times like this when we need to think of new ways to engage new product that can be delivered at commercially affordable cost…. 

Our new SCULPTURA carved panel line is coming on stream during November and will be launched fully in January 2023. 

We developed our Sculptura line to include our Bamboo InGENuity panel, Carved Bamboo Ply Wall Ceiling and Screens, Wall Art and Furniture panel. We were continually asked by our clients to continue offering Bamboo as an option and we have designed some beautiful new design concepts that can Adapted or Adopted, Scaled in pitch and proportion and be delivered at especially competitive rates… 


Trials went through and designs selected that work as a conceptual guide to A&D Creative clients looking for an opportunity to offer something individual on a project and with Sculptura the options are total freedom to design exactly what the client wants without swingeing development cost or unrealistic minimum quantity requirement! 

At Genesis we set out to offer a totally custom service that could be delivered at competitive affordable cost and our customers have taken on board the benefits of having a U.K. manufactured custom based product made on time and to their requirement. 

We also developed our new SoundeScape Acoustic panel to give an effective efficient Acoustic panel service that can be customised by adding Slotted and Perforated sections at will to deliver good Acoustic control whilst retaining options on creativity in pattern design 

We have been extra busy and we have developed our new Black through core with surfaces like Oak and Walnut faces and soon to be adding a Bamboo Veneer over black that can be a offered at very competitive cost when solid Bamboo ply is over budget and We know VE is always an option and we have thought ahead to meet that challenge ….

Now All our Base Cores can be utilised when Value Engineering is in play and should the market harden and things become tight on budget, Genesis have a very strong plan in place to meet that challenge without compromising design intent.

Simply specify the base that delivers on cost and we will carve Your design into that base. 

Back to the design board… see you all very soon….