Progress at Genesis Towers !

Progress at Genesis Towers !

Rob Haynes

Happy August  

What a month July was… We set out to get everything ready for our new panel product soft launch in August and well, things just went into overdrive in getting design and printing of brochures sorted, getting first samples produced, a new Architectural sample card to mount the samples together with Tech details, and then a brand new Architectural Specifiers Guide Box designed and made in double quick time… Phew… I can only thank Angela for her determination and drive and a huge amount of time on the computer in getting everything ready for Printers to finish the job…. 

All that and her work in building a new commercial Website from scratch, a major job in itself… There really is not enough hours in the day sometimes ! 

When we set out to develop our initial Panel system we had to ensure that we chose our Core material to meet the requirement for a good base to carve, but also a sound Recycled waste material that would deliver dimensional stability, a panel material that can be treated for Fire Retardancy, Moisture resistance, and a strong sustainable base that could be reUsed after first initial use. 

Our ReGen programme was crucially important to us, We wanted to invent a panel system that delivered on a number of principles, We wanted to offer a panel that was going to offer the design community a base that could be designed with freedom, not compromise, So, Genesis panel was born, Total design freedom, in surface pattern, in custom colour, in scale, pitch, proportion, and mixed format, full panel or half size panel. 

We then decided that our Panel would be a Recyclable product, not just in its construction ( it’s made from wood waste fibre ) but a panel that could be taken back after first original use, Flipped,  and Recarved, ReColoured, ReGenerated and ReUsed again, and again, in new space, 

This not only adds extra Value, it ensures that as a ReUsable resource it reduces the need to waste and inevitably being send to Landfill.

Waste in Construction materials is huge, not just in terms of the waste of the money invested originally but the cost of getting rid of that waste and the lasting damage to the environment. 

We All, collectively,  have a joint responsibility in doing something to reduce waste. It really is important to work together to ensure we think of better ways to build… 

We are committed to doing what we can to reduce waste in the way we make our product and the way we deal with the product in its first life and for the future opportunities it gives by recycling into new panel for new uses. 

Genesis care about the environment and it really is a case that good design doesn’t have to cost the earth…. 

till next time 😉🙏🏽