Bamboo, dare to be different.

Supercharge Your Walls with 3D Bamboo Panels

Rob Haynes

Explore the world of Bamboo wall decoration on your next project.. the wonder of Bamboo opens a whole new opportunity to create a panel design that is truly unique and personalised to your project design intent. 
Our philosophy on design is to collaborate and engage openly to establish the best way forward to create something special and we welcome the opportunity to share our input and knowledge with your vision to deliver solutions at a commercially competitive and affordable cost base. 

Designs in bamboo. At home estates.

Our panels can be purely decorative or functional especially when an acoustic benefit is required, Scale and faceline can be custom designed to create the unique look required for Any size project. 
We do not have a specific Minimum order quantity policy so we can offer a bespoke service for as little as 3 panels.