Spring 2023

Spring 2023

Rob Haynes


Spring sees us moving further in our Sculptura Bamboo journey and with new developments in design and with projects coming through in custom design panels we can truly say things are building up and we are looking forward to having a full Sculptura line in place very soon. 

Sculptura is our Carved Bamboo panel product line that has moved from our initial conceptual perspective into a full sampled panel system that is both a standard design and a Bespoke custom panel that creatives and clients can design exactly what they desire… 

One of the new panel lines is VENTURA, a square modular form panel that has six standard patterns in 1200 x 1200 x 20mm size modules, Each geometrical pattern is designed to nest with its neighbour that then makes a larger design overall. 

This concept allows a small panel feature ( Minimum quantity 2 panels ) up to an unlimited size space with the ability to deliver an almost unlimited design wall without repetition.. 

we are also happy to scale to a desired dimension to fit wall to wall or ceiling for individual requirement.

VENTURA will have a matching Acoustic SoundeScape option with Acoustic faceline and Perforation slots to improve noise and sound effects in a given space. 
acoustic benefit is designed to deliver a NRC of around .7 

Any pattern is available to the clients requirement.


So, busy times and exciting developments 




More news  to follow soon